The Writer Who Didn’t Write

She searched for hours through the Internet, looking for creative ways to write.

She had an entire shelf full of writer’s books- I suppose if she had read them all, she would surely be proficient in writing.

Whenever she found herself browsing the local bookstore, which was quite often, her feet would quickly take her to the vast section on all of the latest self-publishing guides and all of the self help books for writers.

She purchased most of the suggested reads like Bird By Bird by Anne Lamont, and several by James Scott Bell.

She followed some of the top literary agents to find out what they were looking for in a writer.

She often found herself thinking of writing and oh the stories she would tell.

She perused all the writing contests and subscribed to all of the writer’s newsletters.

“I wonder what it would be like to write for a living,” she thought.

She had a very nice web site in which boasted of her writing skill. Why she would spend hours updating her pictures, adding ways to follow her, and moving pages around.

She was known for quoting the best quotes (from other authors) on Twitter and Facebook.

She was even a part of an online writing group where she could read about what the other writers were writing about.

She would often look at other writers and think, “If only I had time like them. Then I would surely write my stories,”

She enjoyed watching Youtube videos about authors and writers.

Whenever in a circle of peers and the subject of writing came up, she would quickly share all that she’s learned in her years of study.

Days passed and turned into years. Unfortunately, she still loves the ‘idea’ of writing. But she just couldn’t quite discipline herself to actually follow through with the actual writing part of writing.

The moral of this story is: If you have a gift inside, then it will take hard work and discipline. You will have to make the time. It might be years before anyone reads your story, but the craft is not crafted unless crafting is done.

6 thoughts on “The Writer Who Didn’t Write

  1. Writing is one of five or so things that I do on a small scale but think, “One day I am going to be REALLY good and successful at this.” I debate with myself often on whether that’s a good thing or not….to want to be “well known” or at least my works to be well known….Makes me check my motives you know? Ask myself why I want to be better…. why I want to be REALLY good.

    1. I am dealing with my motives all the time! There have been many times when I have asked the lord to show me my motives. Why I am doing what I am doing. And I tell Him, “If it’s not from You, then take it away.” And I also know that if He’s given you a gift, then He doesn’t want you to bury it under a tree and not do anything with it. Our gifts are for His glory. But again, I’m right there with you- what’s my motive for writing? Is it for mans approval; to feel validated? Or can I do it out of a pure heart purely to bless someone else; encourage them on their journey? Even if for just one person?

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