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The Struggle is Real (part 2)


The Struggle is Real Part 2

He redeems our struggles. Sometimes we’re merely seeing things from a human perspective, but we need to ask God to help us to see things from His perspective. In our struggles, He not only is working on our own hearts, but will often use our struggles to help someone else.

John 16:33 (NCV)- “I told you these things so that you can have peace in me. In this world you will have trouble, but be brave! I have defeated the world.”

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The Struggle Is Real


The Struggle is Real!!

We all struggle. The struggles you are currently facing may seem like they are going to take you under. Sometimes the Lord doesn’t deliver us ‘from’ something, but wants to walk us through it. I hope today’s podcast is an encouragement to you!

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The Struggle

Sun Rising over Lake Tochigi-ken, Japan

This struggle

This fight to survive

A place at times so challenging

We wonder if we’ll make it out alive

A place so deep

And so intense

Our emotions keep telling us to run

And hide near the fence

But we fight

And we thrust

Because this life is worth it

And we must

Lord, I stop running

And trying to push it down

I fight for this life

And I aim for the crown

My only request as I freefall into the deep

Is that you would give me the strength to live fully aware

My soul not to sleep

Through it all, change must take place

My heart cannot stay untouched

In this crazy race

Transform me, and change me

And make me more like You

Allow me to feel every pain, every joy- until you’re through

Because on the other side is a joy so real, and a love so deep

That those emotions cannot be obtained

Until I’ve awakened from my sleep

Whatever it takes, however hot the fire

I’m so over going through the motions

It is You I desire.


 I fight for the light to stay on in the dark, because in the end, if that means You, I will cry out from the depths of my soul- it is well. Whatever the cost, it is well with my soul.