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Seeing God- A Poem


I didn’t notice Him at first

Didn’t even know He was there

But when I looked all around

It was His hand in my every day affairs

At first, quite subtle

Then my eye looked even more

And every time I looked back

It was Him, opening and closing the door

In the beginning, those closed doors made me mad

But looking back through my years

it had made me realize He had

He had His hand in everything

And everything was His hand

There was nothing that didn’t pass through Him

And His purposes were rather grand

For although it didn’t look like it

And my understanding was bleak

I now can flip the pages of my book

And see His story, unique

His story in me woven through every fabric

Every wrinkle, every line, every color

Without Him, the ending’s tragic

And when I learned to resist no more

And walked through the open door

I found a lesson so rich, so right

He taught Me to rest in His Words at night

He taught me to let go of those things bound by fear

Because the lesson in my story is that He is always near

Always near to me, never letting go

And His love abounds, this I know

So I resist no more, and my eyes are open wide

His presence, in every moment, His Spirit in me resides.




What I Want for Valentine’s Day


Would you like a box of chocolates?
Or perhaps a dozen long stemmed roses?
Maybe a fancy dinner where everyone turns up their noses?
An expensive massage, you seem a bit up tight?
Maybe a stuffed bear to keep you warm at night?
No, no… Don’t let commercialism take you for a ride
I need the waves and the flow of the rolling tide
I’m really just a simple girl
Drive me in the car and take me for a whirl
To the beach is where I want to be
Listening to the waves coming crashing at me
The salty air, the breezy warm sun
Now that’s what I call having fun!
Let the cool sand bury my toes
Why would you think I should need a rose?
Let the seagulls fly by and time stand still
This would be my greatest Valentines thrill

The Struggle

Sun Rising over Lake Tochigi-ken, Japan

This struggle

This fight to survive

A place at times so challenging

We wonder if we’ll make it out alive

A place so deep

And so intense

Our emotions keep telling us to run

And hide near the fence

But we fight

And we thrust

Because this life is worth it

And we must

Lord, I stop running

And trying to push it down

I fight for this life

And I aim for the crown

My only request as I freefall into the deep

Is that you would give me the strength to live fully aware

My soul not to sleep

Through it all, change must take place

My heart cannot stay untouched

In this crazy race

Transform me, and change me

And make me more like You

Allow me to feel every pain, every joy- until you’re through

Because on the other side is a joy so real, and a love so deep

That those emotions cannot be obtained

Until I’ve awakened from my sleep

Whatever it takes, however hot the fire

I’m so over going through the motions

It is You I desire.


 I fight for the light to stay on in the dark, because in the end, if that means You, I will cry out from the depths of my soul- it is well. Whatever the cost, it is well with my soul.





These Dreams

When I first thought

The perfect life

I imagined comfort

I imagined a place that

Was predictable

And everything was known

A place that was run by a schedule

And all was made

To fall into place

Like clockwork

The checks would come in

Exactly the same

Each month

You in your office

Me in the house

Our roles perfectly

Worked out

Clock in

Clock out

Day in and day out

The life would be quite


With little change to fear

But as the years have gone by

I realized God made you differently

A box could not hold you in

As much as you tried to make it work

I realized that your walls were caving in

Breathe, you could not

As the walls became more constricting each day

I realized you could not

Be put into a box

And your dreams were bigger than

I thought

I enjoyed my security

While dreaming of what stepping out

Might look like

And you took me there

To dream a dream

Bigger than my eyes could see

Bigger than my fears and insecurity

The shouts of the naysayers grew louder and louder in my head

You’ll never make it

In this economy you need more than a dream

You should be happy with a decent paying job

You’re in ministry

That’s what you want, isn’t it?

In this economy, are you crazy?

But I had to know that God was calling us

To something different

Not necessarily bigger or better

But different

Fitting for the mold that He had made us to be

It’s not an everyone mold

And it certainly isn’t safe

But I realized that trying to hold you down

Holding us down

Was not the answer

And we weren’t called to comfortable

We were never called to easy

We can’t live someone else’s dream

We must step into our own

Why did God give us dreams bigger than ourselves?

Why would He do such a thing?

Because He knows it will have to be Him that

Ultimately fulfills these dreams

Through us

It gives me no greater joy than to

Take this journey with you

And explore whatever

God has for us