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Twas The Eve Before Christmas

Twas the eve before Christmas and all through the earth
Not a creature was stirring, nor knew of His birth
The hearts were all settled in their beds with their cares
In hopes that Jesus Christ would soon be there
Mankind was unaware of what was ahead
The desperate need for a Savior
Brought many to dread
And me in my bed all snuggled and warm
And daddy laying there, not knowing of the storm
When out from the stable there arose such a clatter
The wise men sprang from their rest
To see what was the matter
Away to the barn I flew like a flash
Tore open the barn doors and lifted up the hatch
The star up above gave a glow to the night
And all of mans heart was at peace at the sight
Wondering eyes but what should appear
But a miniature baby and a mom with a tear
I knew in a moment it must be Jesus Christ
This little one was born to be our sacrifice
More rapid than eagles, his worshippers came
And whistled and shouted and called Him by name
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
For truly God is with us…
Now their hearts were all filled with no greater joy
The promised Messiah was born as a boy
So this Christmas, our gift from above
May we remember a Savior who God sent with His love
To save us all stuck in our sin
This baby made a way that we might worship Him.

Celeste Barnard

The Heart Of Christmas

Christmas Heart : Portrait of a styled professional model: St. Valentine day, angel, love,  Stock Photo

With each present we buy and open, let us always remember to seek your presence

With each gift wrapped, help us to remember to use the gifts you have given us for your glory and to further your kingdom

As we see the Christmas lights illuminating in the darkness, let us remember that it was your light that broke through the darkness in our own hearts

As the stockings are hung, let us be reminded that you hung on the cross for us

As we look at that perfect Christmas tree, let us be reminded of the tree that you shed your blood for us on Calvary

Christmas is all about Jesus. And the next most important thing is whats around your Christmas tree on Christmas morning. No, silly- not the presents. But the presence of the family that the Lord has blessed you with.