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Fearless Women

I’d like to start by saying welcome to my new friends on here from Northwood Church!! Last week I was honored to speak for their Women’s Retreat and then on Sunday morning. The theme for the retreat was Fearless. I was reminded afresh of God’s faithfulness to his people. I met so many fearless women- women that spend their days caring for loved ones, making quilts for those in need, baking cookies to raise money to give coats for those in need, giving out journals that others might be blessed, and living to be a blessing to others with their time and resources. I went there to serve, as all speakers should, and left feeling overwhelmed by God’s great love and faithfulness.

When I was riding in the elevator, God spoke to me. He reminded me of how He restores all things. When I was living in Palm Springs, CA. I was broken, hurting, and lost. I was working at the Westin Mission Hills Resort at the time. Then, after I surrendered my heart to the Lord, I moved to Dallas, Texas and went to Bible College at Christ for the Nations, where I also got a job at the Westin Galleria. And here I was, some 22 years later, speaking, sharing my stories…. and they booked me a room at the Westin. It was no coincidence.

It was God sweetly reminding me, “Dear child, I use everything, in my Kingdom nothing is wasted. I redeem and restore. I make all things new. Surrender to me all those places and spaces, and watch Me do what only I can do.” Thank you Lord.

Although you really need to hear the talk in full to get the full message, here’s some notes from my talk.

6 Practical ways we can fight our fears and go from being fearful to faithful (Friday Night):

1) Fight your fears by praying.

2) Fight your fears by doing it afraid.

3) Fight your fears by meditating on God’s Word.

4) Fight your fears by worshiping God.

5) Fight your fears by surrendering to God.

6) Fight your fears by journaling.

Fearless Women (Saturday):

1) Fearless Women embrace their season.

2) Fearless Women don’t compare.

3) Fearless Women get their strength from Him.

4) Fearless Women are okay with saying no.

5) Fearless Women trust that God will get them through.

6) Fearless Women don’t dread.

Obviously there’s WAY more to my talks than this! This is just a sample. To hear more, you can either come to one of my talks or feel free to book me! I am starting to take bookings for 2018! I love to speak to women’s groups, whether that be brunches or lunches, or dinners, or moms groups, or retreats! {See Speaking tab on website}.

Thank you Northwood Church for your hospitality, your outpouring of love to one another (and to me), and your detail to excellence! It was in incredible weekend and God was and is faithful!!

Here’s a link to the Sunday Morning message on discipleship. I share a little bit of my testimony towards the end.

Discipleship Message

Here’s a link to all of the pictures I posted on facebook! 

Rebuilding These Walls


There are going to be seasons in our lives where God has to rebuild our walls. What do I mean by this? There are some things in our lives we’ve built on solid foundation, but there are other things in our life on that are on shaky ground. When the Lord is preparing us for something or doing something in our lives, He’ll often have to tear down some walls in order to rebuild, so that our foundation is found in Him.

Psalms 119:28 (The Message) Build me up by Your Word.

Acts 20:32- “Now I commit you to God and to the Word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

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He Restores All Things

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Joel 2:25a- The Lord says, “I will give you back what you lost…”

Restore: Bring back; reinstate

Have you ever felt like the enemy has taken so much away from you? Do you feel discouraged because you’ve messed up and feel far away from God? Can I tell you today that we serve a God who restores all things?

I used to wonder how God could use me when I had been through so much. Not only was I abused as a child, but also my mother was an alcoholic and her life was cut short due to her alcoholism. In High School I dropped out of school. I felt broken and had no hope of good things to come.

But God restores.

In the book of Job, God allowed Satan to come against Job. Job lost everything- his family, his livestock, his health. In the end, God blessed him with twice as much as he had before.

I just love the promise that God gives us- He will turn around everything the enemy meant for evil and use it for His glory (Romans 8:28). Nothing is ever wasted. I love how God can not only heal those hurts from the past, but also use them. He has given back so much more in my life than I could have ever asked for. He gave me an amazing husband, three beautiful kids, and called me to use the pain from my past to reach out to other people. What once was a heavy heart has now been replaced with the joy of the Lord. I am truly humbled as I look at what God has restored in my life. If God can do it for me, He can do it for anyone!

Dear Lord, would you take those scars and that pain from the past and use them for your glory? I pray you would heal our hurts and restore seven fold everything the enemy has tried to take from us. If we’re feeling far away from you, would you restore our relationship and draw us back to you? Thank you that you restore all things! Amen.