Love Came Down

love came down

I was dead in my sins, without a way home

And love came down on this Earth and did roam

I was selfish and living for me

Yet God almighty made a way to be free

His Son, He sent, to pay my way

And carry the burden so I could say….

So I could say without a doubt

Love came down and freely poured out

Poured out His love with me on His mind

Even though I had been so unkind

“Why are you weeping?” The angels inquired?

“Because my Savior is missing, I can’t comprehend what’s transpired!”

Weep no more, except for delight

Our Savior has risen, woman, He has won the fight!

With us on His mind, to no longer part

The ultimate sacrifice was made, with us on His heart

Death couldn’t hold Him- His love broke through

He’s looking at me and He’s looking at you

For truly He has risen, our freedom has just begun

What kind of love is this Lord? Truly… I’m undone




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