Believing in Other People’s Dreams

“God will put you in a community of dreamers: people who support the dream even if it takes a while for it to happen. He will surround you with a unique tribe of God-following, dream-chasing, stargazing, Promised Land dwellers.”
Havilah Cunnington, Eat Pray Hustle; Dream Chasing God’s Way.

I was speaking at a women’s conference in Colorado. We had stepped down from our position as Children’s Pastors almost a year prior at that point. We were trusting God for the impossible. We had a dream- a big dream. I remember not wanting to write part 3 of my talk until right before the women’s retreat because I didn’t want to share my story on dreams until I could wrap it up with a pretty bow- you know, the answered dream part.

But I waited…. And God didn’t answer our prayers….

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One thought on “Believing in Other People’s Dreams

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s difficult to “wait God out”. However, I probably need to enjoy the moments that lead to my dream being fulfilled because that is the preparation time for when the fulfillment comes. God has spoken to me through you today, for which I am grateful.

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