You can say I am some what of an extrovert. I love being around people, especially as I get to know them. Something that most people don’t know about me is that from time to time I just need to be alone. I just have to be careful and not get too wrapped up in my own little world, because I get really comfortable there!

I am originally from Sacramento, California. Then in Palm Springs, California I gave my heart and life to Jesus and I’ve never looked back since. And I’ve never been the same. I went to Bible College in Dallas, Texas at Christ For The Nations. Some of my best memories are there. I graduated after two years with my Practical Theology Degree and then went for one more year to get my 3rd year School of Youth Ministry Degree. It was there I met my husband and was ordained. We have been in Young Adult Ministry, Jr High Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Children’s Ministry. We currently attend Good Shepherd Community Church in Brownsville, Texas.

I love scenery and nature- I’m drawn to it. I am reminded of Gods greatness by it. I love to cycle, run, hike, and anything else outdoors. I love to shop. Maybe too much. I have done my share of scrapbooking and many other DIY projects. I am so blessed to have some amazing girlfriends. I love coffee. Give me coffee and a good book, and I am one happy girl. Throw in some rain and thunderstorms and I’m over the roof! I have the cutest pug in the world named Latte. I’m a journal girl- I have kept a journal, for as long as I can remember. I love to write, to speak, act, and anything else that encourages others on their journey.

My first and foremost love is Jesus Christ. It’s not about a religion, it’s a love story. I love Jesus. I love spending time with Him, and soaking up His Word. I am forever thankful to Him for the life He saved me from. He saved me from myself. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, and I can’t imagine where my life would be today had His love not set me free.

I suppose that’s why I call my site Finding Joy in the Journey. We are all on a journey. There are joys all around us, but sometimes we have to find the joy. Verb; an action. ‘Finding’ joy in the journey. God has given us so much, I hope you can find some joy in the journey today!

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  1. Celeste – I volunteer with Bay Area Women’s Connection – Port Isabel,TX and need to put together our Brochure for November, December and January
    You will be our Stonecroft Speaker for November 19th Just scanning your Blog Pages makes me excited to know you are coming to Speak to our area ladies … WOW – for such a time as this! If you can give me some info on your talk that could be on the Front of the Brochure and Poster – Graphics, maybe – although it will be our Stonecroft Fundraiser month with an AUCTION
    just found your Email address – will contact you there

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