Monthly Archives: February 2014

What I Want for Valentine’s Day


Would you like a box of chocolates?
Or perhaps a dozen long stemmed roses?
Maybe a fancy dinner where everyone turns up their noses?
An expensive massage, you seem a bit up tight?
Maybe a stuffed bear to keep you warm at night?
No, no… Don’t let commercialism take you for a ride
I need the waves and the flow of the rolling tide
I’m really just a simple girl
Drive me in the car and take me for a whirl
To the beach is where I want to be
Listening to the waves coming crashing at me
The salty air, the breezy warm sun
Now that’s what I call having fun!
Let the cool sand bury my toes
Why would you think I should need a rose?
Let the seagulls fly by and time stand still
This would be my greatest Valentines thrill