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Will You Show Up Today?

Photo with permission by CNunezIMAGES

Photo with permission by CNunezIMAGES

God can do more with a life that shows up than one that gives all the reasons why we can’t.

This life- this crazy adventure of ups and downs and highs and lows. But don’t ever give up. It’s worth the fight. Like Author Glennon Melton says, “show up.” Don’t allow apathy to win, you mustn’t. I have seen people who have allowed themselves to become numb. They threw in the towel a long time ago. Maybe you know someone like this?  They stopped fighting and unfortunately have become only a shell of what they were meant to be. Yes, they gave their hearts to Jesus and will live forever in eternity. But what about today? Tomorrow? And the next? What about those around us that we were called to infect?

I’m actually thankful for this friction, this tension. It means I’m alive and life is worth fighting for. It means I’m still in the ring. And I’m not going to run or hide, because I care. And to quote Glennon Melton, “This life is brutal at times and beautiful at times, which makes it a brutiful life.” I want to show up today & surrender today to God.
Maybe you’re like me, and you feel like at times you’ve lived on the couch/sidelines for too long. But we’re still here. Some are standing, some are sitting, some are crawling, and yes, some have fallen asleep. But there’s something in us that makes us uncomfortable (thank you Holy Spirit). It makes us want to be intentional with our kids instead of days of video games and cartoons- even if we’re not sure how. It makes us want to use our words to edify our husbands- even if our default has been to point out weaknesses. This turning inside of us makes us want to grow closer to God- even if we’re not sure exactly where to start.
You always hear that life is short, but when your young it feels as if we have forever. Then when you’re like me and about to turn 40, you realize you’re pretty close to your half-way mark in the race.
Warriors for the kingdom- newsflash: we’re still here. And we’re not going out without a fight. Because we care. Because we know that God has more. We realize a life fully surrendered to Him, even though it’s messy, is better any day than a life of always trying to control all our junk ourselves and numbing ourselves thinking this is just the way it is. We quietly and unknowingly go through the motions of life- because its easy to do.
I challenge you today, show up. Whatever it looks like. We might accidentally offend someone, or say something we didn’t mean to say. Others might hurt our feelings by something they say. I know. But what if we just showed up anyways? We don’t have to say what we think we should say, or act the way we think others want us to act. We’ve got to show up to today, in all its imperfections, in all its messiness, and when God takes roll call today and calls your name, you can say, “Here, I’m here God.”


Here’s a great Ted Talk by Glennon Melton

Be encouraged and Enjoy the Journey!