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Once You Cast It, Leave It!


There once was a fisherman who never caught any fish. He would cast his pole out into the deep of seas and every time a fish was about to bite he would yank his pole out of the water. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months- yet he never could catch any fish. Well that’s not very smart of him, now is it? If he could just learn to leave his pole in the water long enough for the fish to bite!

But isn’t that what we do every time we cast our cares on the Lord and just as He’s about to take them from us, we go and take them right back? “Here’s all my worries and fears Lord… okay, wait, let me try to figure this out, let me handle this.” I just imagine Him about to take our burdens from us and we yank them right back. “Never mind Lord, I’ve got this.” When we cast our cares on Him, shouldn’t we trust Him enough to take them?

Psalm 55:22- Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous be shaken.

The definition of cast: To throw off or away. We are to ‘cast’ our cares on the Lord, which means to throw off our worries onto the Lord. The next part of the scripture says that if we do this, the Lord will sustain us. Sustain means strengthen or support physically or mentally. So if we throw our worries (cast) on to the Lord He will strengthen (sustain) us. He will give us exactly what we need while He is handling our problems.

Lord, help us to not be like the foolish fisherman in the story. Help us to remember that when we cast our cares on you, that you are more than able to handle them. Help us learn how to stop trying to handle all of our problems in our own strength. Today Lord, as I give you my worries and fears, I will trust you to not only handle them, but to strengthen me through this process. Thank you that no matter what I go through, you will not allow me to be shaken. Amen!



Learning to Wait

Lord I will wait


Psalms 27:14- Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

We knew God had called us to a new season. We knew that we needed to wait on the Him to guide us and direct our steps. I wasn’t exactly sure what waiting looked like. I found myself becoming impatient. I felt like I needed to be doing more. The past 14 years plus I have been so use to doing, doing, and doing. The Lord began to show me what waiting looks like. It’s not sitting idle just hoping something happens but it’s being active in your wait. It’s praying, reading God’s Word, and learning to depend on Him for what’s going to happen. It’s growing closer to Him so that we’re learning to hear His voice.

I am listening Lord.

Thank you Lord that you are so patient with me. Thank you that you continually speak to me as I wait for you to show me what my next move is. You are the one who opens the right doors and gives me favor. I will continue to actively wait on you. In Jesus name, amen.